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Andrew Campbell






“I would not be surprised if Amy Montgomery were to find herself on the pyramid stage at Glastonbury.” – Gigging NI

“Belfast Star Amy Montgomery’s delivered a stellar performance with raucous vocals that echo way beyond the main arena” – Clash Music Magazine, Black Deer Festival 2022 (One of Clash’s main highlights)


“A force of nature” – Newcastle Herald, NSW, Australia


“If Alanis Morissette and Trent Reznor were to have a baby and then send the baby to be babysat by Joni Mitchell for half the week and the other half of the week be babysat by Janis Joplin, you would come pretty close to Amy Montgomery” – Scenestr, Australia


“The utterly feral Amy Montgomery sent a wave of disbelief across the marquee and out into the field beyond. A wild performance, bluesy, gutsy engaging and utterly individual” – Northern Sky, Cambridge Folk Festival

Nominated as 'Artist Of The Year' in Northern Ireland Music Prize 2022

Nominated as 'Best Live Act' in Northern Ireland Music Prize 2023

'Ones To Watch' Independent Newspaper


(Radio, Print, Online)

Andrew Campbell
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